De beste blender voor je smoothie

The best blender for your smoothie

On the right track! You delve into making a delicious and healthy smoothie. Your eyes have fallen on one of the nutrient-rich smoothies from the Healthy Sjakes range. You'll definitely want to try this out right away! But: you are missing the right blender! To optimally enjoy fresh smoothies, you need a good smoothie blender. And luckily that doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Types of blenders

Let's start at the beginning, there are different types of blenders. For softer ingredients there is a standard blender, which is often cheaper and of lower quality. You also have powerful blenders with which you can transform hard ingredients into a puree. These can easily cost hundreds of euros and are not a requirement for making your own smoothie. Of course, prices also depend on the options that a particular blender offers. A good blender offers multiple speeds and a pulse function. It is also desirable if you can simply put the blender in the dishwasher so that you do not have to clean it by hand, this is a time-consuming process and saves discussions about who will do the dishes. A blender must be able to stand firmly, because you don't want it to fall over during blending. Therefore, look carefully at the stand of the blender itself. Ideally, it has four rubber feet. This gives the blender a lot of grip and the blender remains stable despite vibrating.

The best smoothie blender

There are many different blenders that can be used for multiple jobs. Large blenders that take up a lot of space, expensive blenders for professional use, not to mention all the options that mean you can no longer see the forest for the trees. We ourselves are of course huge smoothie fans, so we prefer to drink this any time of the day. Over the years we have had the opportunity to test many blenders. To make it a little easier for you, we have the perfect option for making the best smoothies. We have an absolute favorite for making smoothies: The Smoothie-to-go blender. This blender has everything you need to make your own healthy smoothie: multiple speeds, a handy pulse option, and the cup is easily dishwasher safe. But the best part is: The Smoothie to-go blender from Cook and Pan comes standard with a handy 600 ml travel cup! This way you can enjoy your favorite smoothie any time and location: in the car, during a walk or at work. Super handy! You can find our affordable favorite here. Or at .

The circle is round! You have found a delicious smoothie and the perfect blender. All the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle are just one click away. What's holding you back now? Start building a better you today . You have it in your own hands.

Curious about all the delicious smoothies?

Don't feel like putting together your own smoothies? That is not necessary! We have already done this for you. Order your favorite smoothie so that you only have to put it in the blender when it suits you!

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