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Your meal box with smoothies for breakfast or lunch

Order your meal box or smoothie box from Sjakes

Meal boxes are becoming increasingly popular. We see the boxes springing up around us like mushrooms. But do you also know our smoothie boxes? It is actually the same as a meal box, but with all the necessary ingredients for a delicious and healthy smoothie. Read all about our meal boxes below, which are great for replacing your breakfast or lunch.

How does a meal box with smoothies work?

It's very simple. It is not without reason that Gezonde Sjakes was created to make healthy eating as easy as possible. We have now found the ideal ingredients and recipes to let you enjoy healthy smoothies.

How do you do that?

  • Choose the smoothie box that makes your mouth water
  • Choose whether you want to enjoy 10 or 30 smoothies
  • Create a spot in your freezer for your order

Did we mention it was simple?

meal box for smoothies

What are the advantages of ordering a smoothie box?

A smoothie box has many advantages. It's simple, healthy and it saves you time. Below you can read why you should also order a smoothie box - now ;) - too.

All smoothie ingredients in house every month

In other words: never wander endlessly through the supermarket again. Saves you time again!

Never be uninspired again

We have 4 different smoothie boxes with all different ingredients. So you never have to think about tasty, tasty combinations again. We get inspiration for you.

It's terribly tasty

We have tried everything for you countless times and we now know for sure: you can order the tastiest smoothie boxes from us.

Balanced nutrition

Our smoothie boxes, or better said, meal boxes, contain only good and honest ingredients. For example, some smoothies in the smoothie box contain almost 150 grams of vegetables and you get at least 7 grams of superfoods with each smoothie.

Think of our smoothie box as a meal box

Speaking of the meal boxes. Our smoothies can 100% be used as a meal replacement. Each smoothie contains at least 170 grams of fruit and vegetables, 1 superfood and 20 grams of vegetable protein. Each smoothie contains between 250 and 500 calories. So you start your day full of energy.

Is your day flying by and it's lunch time? Then the smoothie from the smoothie box is also the solution. We have of course thought about this carefully in advance. The smoothie contains a perfect ratio of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Bring it on!

meal box with smoothies

Meal to go

In addition to your breakfast and lunch, a meal to go is also a good solution when you are busy. Do you fly from appointment to appointment? Are your days full from start to finish? Do you ever forget to eat on busy days? Then make sure you take the smoothie with you as a meal to go. Because it is important to take good care of yourself, especially on busy days. You use even more energy and you have to keep your wits about you at those moments. So order your smoothie box and make sure you eat your meal to go.

Curious about our smoothie boxes?

Curious about the contents of all smoothies? Does a smoothie subscription sound so good to you? Are you as excited as we are?

Then it's time to order your smoothie box.

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