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Blueberry Chocolate 6-Pack

Blueberry Chocolate 6-Pack

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Chocolate lovers, take note! This is your daily chocolate fix. Blueberry chocolate is our answer to all your chocolate cravings. This super healthy smoothie is sweetened with banana and blueberries packed with antioxidants. Moreover, this is a real mood booster because of the cocoa nibs that are full of tryptophan and serotonin. And because we know how much you love chocolate, we added an extra scoop of chocolate protein powder.

A healthy smoothie with an unhealthy tasty taste.


Banana, blueberries, pea protein isolate (European and non-GMO), coconut milk, cocoa powder, Himalayan salt, vegan amino acid mix, steviol glycosides.

Nutritional value

Voedingswaarde per Sjake:

Energie: 240 kCal / 1011 kJ
Vet: 6.40 g
waarvan verzadigd: 4.40 g
Koolhydraten: 27.40 g
waarvan suikers: 25.60 g
Vezels: 5.20 g
Zout: 0.40 g
Eiwitten: 15.80 g

Netto inhoud per Sjake: 200 gram
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