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Carrot Chia 6-Pack

Carrot Chia 6-Pack

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Do you also have carrot cake? Certainly! And ours isn't dirty. One of our own favorites: Carrot Chia. A healthy smoothie with a bright orange color, thick structure and packed with super healthy ingredients. Carrot for your daily dose of vitamin A (really good for your eyes), chia seeds and walnuts for your healthy fatty acids, ginger for your digestion and cinnamon for a little spice. And sweet potato in your smoothie? That gives this smoothie extra strength and makes it a filling meal.

A healthy fresh smoothie that you can enjoy all day long? Carrot Chia is your jam!


Carrot, sweet potato, pea protein isolate (European and non-GMO), chia seeds, walnuts, cinnamon, Himalayan salt, vegan amino acid mix, steviol glycosides.

Nutritional value

Voedingswaarde per Sjake:

Energie: 244 kCal / 1021 kJ
Vet: 7.80 g
waarvan verzadigd: 0.80 g
Koolhydraten: 23.40 g
waarvan suikers: 9.40 g
Vezels: 9.00 g
Zout: 0.60 g
Eiwitten: 15.40 g

Netto inhoud per Sjake: 200 gram
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