Smoothie ingredients that you can always have at home

Do you like making healthy smoothies , but do you notice that you do not have the right products at home to make a tasty smoothie at any time of the day? Do you not always have fresh fruit or vegetables at home? No problem! In this article you can read which (long-life) smoothie ingredients are indispensable. If these ingredients are in the pantry, you will never be disappointed. This way you can make a healthy smoothie every day from frozen fruit, with milk, yogurt or healthy superfoods.

Frozen fruit smoothies

Fruit goes into almost every smoothie. Many smoothie recipes include mango, blueberries, strawberries or raspberries on the list. These types of fruit are often more expensive, but fortunately there is a solution for this: frozen fruit. Nowadays you can find many types of fruit in the freezer section in every supermarket.

Much cheaper and just as healthy as fresh fruit. Almost no nutrients are lost anymore, contrary to what you sometimes hear in the media.

You can choose from one type of fruit or a mix of all kinds of tropical fruits. Good for a change and indispensable if you like making smoothies with frozen fruit.

Do you want to make it completely easy for yourself? You can even find portion packs at the larger supermarkets in the Netherlands. This contains the perfect amount for one smoothie.

(Older) fruit

Not a fan of frozen fruit? Or do you really want it fresh? You can also add fruit that has been lying around for a while. Do you have a banana that has been lying around for just a day too long? Perfect for smoothies! Is your pear too soft to eat? Throw it in the blender with the rest of the smoothie ingredients.

This way you never have to throw away fruit again. An excellent sustainable solution.

Pro tip: freeze that old banana yourself, so you can throw it frozen into your blender a week later.

Superfoods for even more health benefits

If you want to be prepared for a smoothie every day, it is smart to have shelf-stable products such as superfoods at home. Do you want your smoothie extra healthy? Then add superfoods such as turmeric with a pinch of pepper, cocoa powder, chia seeds or linseed. This is how you kickstart your day!

Are you going for the beauty prize? Then finish your smoothie with a topping, such as goji berries, mulberries or coconut zest. A nice smoothie is extra fun to eat! (Put it on Instagram first, of course.)

Extra bite in your smoothie? Add nuts

A smoothie is actually not complete without nuts. This way you get your vitamins and good fats. Nuts are packed with vitamin B1, vitamin E and iron. Indispensable in a healthy lifestyle, so a perfect addition as a smoothie ingredient. In addition, the nuts provide an extra feeling of satiety.

You can think of hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, pecan nuts or walnuts, for example. It is best to choose unsalted and unroasted nuts. The less processed your food is, the healthier. That's why our Sjakes are as pure as possible, no mess!

Yogurt or milk as smoothie ingredients

Do you want a smoothie recipe that consists of more ingredients than just fruit and vegetables? Then add milk or yogurt. These ingredients have a long shelf life and are a perfect addition to your smoothie.

Are you vegan and do you not eat or drink animal products? Then you can easily replace milk with, for example, almond, oat or coconut milk and the yoghurt with soy or coconut yoghurt. To make your smoothie nice and fresh, you can also alternate with coconut water.

Extra tasty additions

There are plenty of shelf-stable smoothie ingredients that make your smoothie even tastier. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then make sure you always have a jar of honey in the cupboard and add one teaspoon to your smoothie recipe.

Do you like some extra spice? Then mix one centimeter of ginger into your smoothie. Would you like a fresh smoothie? Then squeeze half the juice of a lime or lemon.

Smoothie ingredients with which you can put a smoothie on the table every day

If you always have these smoothie ingredients at home, you ensure enough variety so that your smoothies are never boring.

From frozen fruit smoothies supplemented with superfoods, to smoothies with shelf-stable products such as milk. So enough inspiration.

Do you want to enjoy a healthy smoothie every day that is ready in one minute? Then order your smoothies from Sjakes!

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