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5 reasons to have your smoothies delivered

Want the perfect ingredients for a healthy smoothie at the touch of a button? Although there are plenty of easy smoothie recipes , you can make it even easier for yourself. Ordering smoothies and having them delivered is now possible. Never again an excuse not to eat healthy.

In this article you can read 5 good reasons to have your smoothies delivered.

Ordering smoothies because of a busy life

A busy job, a large social network to maintain and appointments outside the home. That's all very nice, but then you have to remember to eat healthy every day. That can be a difficult combination. By ordering ready-made smoothies, this no longer has to be difficult. By ordering several smoothies in advance, you no longer even have to think about your breakfast or lunch.

Having smoothies delivered removes excuse number one. The only thing you have to ensure is that you are home at the time of delivery. After this you can move forward. How easy is that?!

Flexible and no food waste

Have you had the smoothies delivered, but is it not convenient for you to drink a smoothie one day? Then you leave that smoothie in the freezer. No problem either. As long as you keep your smoothies frozen, you can serve a smoothie at any time of the day. Healthy, easy and flexible. And they are frozen so you don't have to pay attention to the date, no more waste!

No more choice stress

Admit it: putting a different smoothie on the table every day is quite a hassle. The inspiration for the supermarket list has run out and you can no longer come up with ideas in the supermarket itself. It is therefore much easier to order smoothies. No more thinking about a tasty and healthy combination of ingredients: ideal.

What should you do? Take your smoothie out of the freezer and mix it. The vitamins in vegetables and fruit are (almost) preserved as well as outside the freezer. An additional advantage? Your smoothies have a long shelf life.

Healthy smoothies

Did you know that ready-made smoothies from the supermarket contain a lot of added sugar? So avoid these types of smoothies if your health is your priority. Therefore, when ordering smoothies, make sure you pay close attention to the ingredients and the amount of sugars. Are the fruits and vegetables fresh? What additives are in it? Are there any preservatives?

Our website clearly states what is in the smoothie. Do you like the smoothies? Then you can also order in larger quantities, so that you can go ahead for quite some time.

Balanced diet with smoothies

By having smoothies delivered, you can vary much more than the standard banana smoothies you normally make. By deviating from your favorite drink you provide variety in your diet. This ensures that your body receives the right nutrients every day and that you develop a varied diet.

With our sjakes you immediately get a vitamin boost and a lot of protein with at least 170 grams of vegetables, 20 grams of vegetable protein and one superfood. No scales or calculations are required for this. All these ingredients are in one bag and all you have to do is mix them.

Healthy, fresh and fast . And delicious of course!

Order and have your smoothies delivered

Healthy eating and a busy schedule can therefore go well together. As long as you have healthy smoothies at home.

Curious about our sjakes? We deliver smoothies in the form of a smoothie subscription so that you can enjoy your healthy shake at any time.

I want healthy Sjakes.

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