Smoothies thuisbezorgd met een overheerlijk smoothie abonnement

Smoothies delivered to your home with a delicious smoothie subscription

How luxurious is it to have your healthy smoothies delivered to your home? Never run out of inspiration again, never wander aimlessly through the supermarket and never have 10 open tabs on your laptop again because you're looking for inspiration. You will find the solution with a smoothie subscription, ideal! Home delivered and all.

Healthy smoothies

It is probably recognizable: healthy eating is occasionally neglected due to a busy schedule. A shame, because healthy food and healthy smoothies are a must for everyone. With one smoothie you immediately give your health a vitamin shot, boost your skin and provide good energy. This way you prevent that annoying energy dip halfway through the day.

Where smoothies used to be associated only with 'fit girls', fortunately that is no longer the case. Smoothies fit into everyone's lifestyle and are for everyone. You decide what you put in your smoothie and there are countless easy smoothie recipes available. The possibilities are endless: simple and quick smoothie recipes , smoothies without banana or a smoothie bowl including a healthy topping . So something for everyone.

Smoothies delivered to your home

Do you want to make it easy for yourself? Then have your smoothies delivered to your home. In addition to food delivery, it is also possible to have your smoothies delivered to your home. So you literally no longer have to step outside the door to get the healthy smoothies at home. With one click you can choose your desired delivery time, so that you can put the healthy smoothies in the freezer immediately after receipt. So make sure there is enough space in the freezer.

All you have to do when you feel like a smoothie is throw your box of Sjakes in the blender, mix, and drink!

Did you know that our smoothies contain at least 170 grams of fruit and vegetables?

Superfoods in your smoothie

In addition to all vitamins, we have also carefully selected superfoods in combination with the best flavors. This way you don't have to delve into all the information, but you can enjoy the right ingredients and combinations without any worries. In our smoothie subscriptions you will find the typical superfoods such as chia seeds, linseed or cacao nibs.

Spinach, ginger and blueberries may sound less exciting, but they are also superfoods. In other words: with one smoothie you often get two superfoods.

Smoothie subscription

A smoothie subscription. It almost sounds too good to be true, right? Yet it really is as easy as it sounds. With a smoothie subscription you can choose from 10 or 30 smoothies. You choose your favorite recipe and you can even alternate between four delicious, unique smoothies. We have more than just the typical green smoothie in our offering. Ready for a new flavour? Then you try something new the next month.

Is it not convenient to continue your smoothie subscription? No problem. The great thing is that you can skip the smoothies whenever you want.

You can take your smoothie out of the freezer at any time of the day. You can also store your healthy smoothie in the refrigerator for two days. Another plus is that all our smoothies are vegan. The animal proteins have been replaced by vegetable proteins. This way you can enjoy 100% worry-free and still get your daily proteins.

Our smoothie subscription is:

Curious about our different flavors and the two types of subscriptions we offer? View our smoothie subscriptions here .

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