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Why a vegan smoothie is always a good idea

A vegan smoothie, the term says it all, is a smoothie or shake without animal products. And in this changing world, where we are increasingly aware of the environment, sustainability and climate change, a vegan option is never a wrong choice. We are focusing more and more on plant-based products and figures show that we are increasingly abandoning animal products. The most common reasons are animal welfare and, yes, the climate.

And Sjakes is happy to contribute to that. Are you participating?

A vegan smoothie without animal products

Although a smoothie is often vegan, there are also plenty of smoothies that are prepared with milk or other animal products. Nowadays, almost no supermarket hesitates to expand its plant-based offering, so there is no shortage of animal milk substitutes. Replacements for normal milk include soy, oat, almond or coconut milk.

In addition to animal milk, you often see other animal proteins (animal protein) being processed in smoothies. Fortunately, in 2022 there are so many other options for plant-based proteins that plant-based solutions have also been devised for this.

Our Sjakes therefore all contain vegetable protein, for example based on pea protein isolate, which is also nice and sustainable

Recipes: vegan smoothie or vegan smoothie bowl

You can of course enjoy vegan smoothies at any time of the day. Do you like to start with a healthy vegan breakfast smoothie? Then check out our previous breakfast smoothie recipes . All smoothies can be made vegan.

Do you know the trendy smoothie bowls? Of course, you can also make them yourself very easily. And this also simply applies: replace animal products with plant products. Et voilà: the vegan smoothie bowl is ready. This way you can also work towards a sustainable world in small steps. View our smoothie bowl recipes here for more inspiration.

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Fair smoothies

Our vegan smoothies are fair. Why? We only use real ingredients, with real fruit and real vegetables. These vitamins are supplemented with delicious and healthy superfoods. The result? Healthy smoothies with high Sjakes quality. Our Sjakes are suitable as a complete meal replacement at any time of the day.

A vegan smoothie for a switch to a vegan lifestyle

Talking about the vegan lifestyle. Of course, you don't have to stop all animal products from one day to the next if you find it too intense. Awareness and making conscious choices is also an important step. Try out new (smoothie) recipes, order the vegan variants of the dishes in the restaurant and be surprised. Every little bit helps.

A vegan lifestyle is anything but boring. There are so many delicious things to make, but of course you just have to know how to do it. You can also vary just as much with vegan food, as long as you keep exploring.

Sustainable packaging

In addition to the fact that our smoothies themselves are sustainable, so is the packaging. We don't use plastic at all. Your vegan smoothie comes in 100% paper packaging. Of course, it's all about the content, but this way your vegan smoothie is doubly sustainable.

Our Sjakes are vegan

Do you not feel like making all kinds of complicated recipes, or perhaps have no time at all, but do you still want to enjoy a healthy smoothie that is vegan? Then take a look at our four different Sjakes . Choose your favorite, order your subscription and enjoy our healthy and, above all, tasty smoothie every day.

Vegan, sustainable and finger-licking good. Tasty!

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